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teen facial

Teen Facial Treatment

Teen facial are typically aimed to alleviate outbreaks that are commonly linked with adolescent skin.

Deep washing and mild extractions are usually the first steps in a teen facial. After that, a therapeutic mask can help rehydrate dry, flaky skin or remove greasy particles.

Our Teen Clarifying Facial is designed to not only address common teenage skin issues, but also to educate on topics such as acne and sun protection.

The majority of our UV exposure occurs before we reach the age of 20. Skin damage begins far before the telltale indications appear, even if it takes a few years to manifest. It is self-evident that effective skincare and protection must begin at a young age.

Hormones might start to fluctuate during adolescence, aggravating the skin and causing pimples and outbreaks. Even if there are no visible skin issues, you can start a teen facial treatment as early as age 13. It’s a good time to start teaching teenagers how to take care of their skin and avoid future skin problems.

Clogged pores, blackheads, acne, and outbreaks affect the majority of youngsters at some point throughout their adolescence. Teens who are prone to acne breakouts will benefit from a teen facial.

Learning how to properly care for the skin with the right products and maintaining a healthy skincare regimen is an important part of obtaining a facial. This facial emphasises the significance of washing, exfoliation, and sunscreen protection against the sun’s harmful rays.

A thorough skin examination is followed by a deep wash, toning, and moisturizing treatment, as well as a discussion with your spa therapist about the principles of effective skincare. Included is a take-home skincare prescription, a variety of samples, and invaluable information that will last a lifetime.

Exfoliation, extractions (if needed), masque, and moisturiser are all included in this treatment. Eliminate Start products are all meant to purify, clear breakouts, and absorb excess oils on teenage skin without causing irritation. Your skin therapist will also assist you in developing a home skincare routine to ensure the best, clear results for your skin.

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teen facial
teen facial