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Thermocoagulation is the treatment or removal of unwanted skin imperfections or anomalies.

Thermocoagulation is the coagulation of blood under the influence of heat. We do this by passing a high electric current through a special filament, which produces heat and burns the tissues with which it comes into contact.

The procedure is quick, precise, and scar-free. You can get rid of up to thirty skin flaws in less than 15 minutes. Thermocoagulation is a cosmetic procedure, not a medical one.

To convert liquids to solids, thermocoagulation uses heat generated by a radio frequency / high frequency current. The current is delivered to the skin by a needle inserted into the skin immediately over the desired location. The flaw will congeal into scar tissue, which will be removed by the body’s natural healing systems. Between 3 to 21 days, the outcomes are obvious.

  • Effectively treats skin imperfections such as spider veins, angiomas and skin tags
  • Fast treatment time and a “walk-in – walkout” procedure with no downtime for recovery
  • Imperfections, spider veins and other vascular lesions instantly disappear
  • No bruising, scarring or hyper-pigmentation post-treatment
  • Ability to successfully treat sensitive areas like the face, nose, ankles and knees

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People with diabetes, epilepsy, blood thinners, anticoagulants, or pacemakers, and pregnant women are also at risk. Because thermocoagulation therapy uses radiofrequency and DC current, it is not suitable for people who have pacemakers. People on anticoagulants or with circulatory issues would not see the expected benefits because the technique coagulates the blood.


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